In this page, we list the main API public endpoints.
Please note that, for the sake of avoiding redundancy, some endpoints, returning the same data or serving the same functions as our Graph QL API, are not listed here.


Returns a list of supported chains (i.e. chains you can swap assets within or chains you can bridge to). List of supported chain as of Q2 2023:


Returns a list of all supported tokens in the following format:
"id": "7f38d14d-169c-4a4c-97ba-6e1fa4a77d8a",
"chain": "POLYGON",
"symbol": "EASY",
"label": "EASY",
"name": "POLYGON.EASY",
"address": "0xdb3b3b147a030f032633f6c4bebf9a2fb5a882b5",
"list_providers": [
"decimal": 18
Please note that:
  • id is an internal uid for a given crypto asset
  • chain is one of the supported chains found in endpoint chains/
  • name is the token name in the chain.symbol format
  • list_providers contains provider ids, found in providers/ endpoint (see below)


List of available providers for swapping and bridging:
"id": "9cbdfbc0-c5b7-4814-b8cb-04d0b083b3a6",
"name": "Thorchain",
"time": "60",
"icon": "*KkoJRE6ICrE70mNegVeY_Q.png"
  • id is an internal uid
  • name is the provider's name
  • time is the typical duration of for a swap/bridge to complete for a given a provider
  • icon is a url to the provider's logo


Entry point to our Graph QL schema (see Routing Graph QL API section for more details).
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