Does XDEFI have control of my coins?

XDEFI Wallet is a non-custodial & decentralised wallet

Remember that your coins or tokens are not stored in your wallet but on the blockchain, your wallet allows you to view and manage them.

XDEFI Wallet does NOT have access to your secret phrase, password or recovery code.

You are in complete control of your information and your wallet, so please do keep your secret phrase safe!

XDEFI Wallet can connect to all dapps on all supported chains.

In many cases you will see the XDEFI Wallet logo when you go to 'connect wallet'. If you do not see the XDEFI Wallet logo, you can still connect to the dapp by clicking on the first wallet in the list, usually MetaMask, Keplr or Phantom. Please make sure you have 'prioritize XDEFI' turned on in your XDEFI Wallet settings.

Can I migrate my MetaMask or Keplr wallet to XDEFI Wallet?

Yes, you can migrate any wallet to XDEFI Wallet using your wallet's seed phrase. This process only takes a few seconds, and all of your assets and NFTs will immediately appear in XDEFI Wallet.

Please see our quick start guides here: https://www.xdefi.io/support-category/xdefi-wallet-quick-start/

How do I join the XDEFI Referral Program?

Earn 30% commission from XDEFI Wallet and webapp swaps completed by your referees.

Sign up for your own referral link here: https://go.xdefi.io/signup

Key facts:

  • The end user does not need to take any action for their swaps to count towards your commission payments.

  • There is no limit on the total commissions you can earn.

  • You can track your referral link’s performance in real time at: app.xdefi.io

Program Summary Each referrer will receive a unique referral link, such as go.xdefi.io/referral, which will be stored in a secure database along with the referrer’s Ethereum address (being the Ethereum address provided by the referrer to XDEFI Wallet at the start of the referral programme).

Please use your personal link when encouraging people to install XDEFI Wallet.

How do I stake my $XDEFI tokens?

You can stake your $XDEFI tokens at app.xdefi.io.

Please read here for more information.

What is a non-custodial wallet?

Unlike centralized exchanges, non-custodial wallets offer you full control over your seed phrase, private keys and assets (including NFTs). Forgetting or losing your seed phrase and private keys means losing access to your deposit addresses and the funds you hold on them, so make sure to back them up.

We recommend offline storage on at least two devices, one of which has FLASH memory. Encrypting the digital device holding this information is a good practice as long as you remember your decryption password.

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