Detect XDEFI Providers

The XDeFi browser extension will inject objects called xfi and ethereum on the window object of any web application the user visits. To detect if a browser extension using this API is installed, you can check for the existence of the xfi and ethereum object.

Multichain dApp example

Detection example

if ("xfi" in window) { // Detecting the XDeFi providers: xfi and ethereum console.log(window.xfi, window.ethereum); console.log(window.xfi, window.xfi && window.xfi.ethereum); this.ethereum = window.ethereum; this.xfiObject = window.xfi; }

Request parameters description

from - the address from which the request is coming
recipient - the address on which the request is targeted
feeRate - units per transaction size → precise description​
amount - request transaction amount
memo - text hint for the request
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