Staking $XDEFI


You can stake $XDEFI tokens, view the current APY, and key staking metrics at:​
Staked $XDEFI tokens auto-compound and can be withdrawn at any time.

What is vXDEFI?

  • When you stake $XDEFI tokens, you receive $vXDEFI.
  • $vXDEFI represents your claim on the pool of staked $XDEFI and $XDEFI rewards.
  • You can convert between $XDEFI and $vXDEFI at any time. There is no fee involved other than standard ETH network fees.
  • 75% of all swap and bridge fees from all XDEFI products are paid to the $vXDEFI pool and distributed to stakers.
  • Note: in the near-term, $XDEFI staking rewards will continue to be supplemented with funds from the XDEFI treasury.

Why is there an exchange rate between $XDEFI and vXDEFI?

  • When you stake $XDEFI you are swapping it for a claim on the overall staking pool.
  • As more people enter the staking pool, and as more $XDEFI rewards are added to the pool, the relative value of each claim changes.
  • The amount of $XDEFI tokens you can withdraw will always be greater than or equal to the amount you deposited.
    • You will not lose any $XDEFI tokens by staking them.
    • The USD value of $XDEFI will change over time, so the overall USD value of your tokens might be more or less compared to when you staked.
  • When you stake $XDEFI tokens you will always be entitled to remove those tokens (plus any rewards you have already earned) at any time.
  • So you will always be able to withdraw at least the same number of $XDEFI tokens as you staked.
  • The USD value of your staked $XDEFI will of course vary and fluctuate according to market conditions.
  • There will be gas fees to pay when you stake and unstake (and withdraw) $XDEFI (for both the old and new staking contracts).
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