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Note: these percentages are approximate and subject to change depending on the size and growth of the team and its advisors as well as the requirements of the Ecosystem Fund.
46% to the Ecosystem Fund The Ecosystem Fund is controlled by $XDEFI governance and the team, and can be used to supplement $XDEFI staking rewards, provide grants to developers and partners, fund certain programs such as Play to (L)earn and other programs that are designed to grow the Ecosystem.
28% to Early Investors These tokens go to XDEFI’s early investors who funded the initial development of XDEFI Wallet. The investments took place over two private funding rounds in 2021 and 2022, and these tokens are subject to a 3-year schedule.
15% to the XDEFI team These tokens go to current and future team members. Team member allocations are subject to a 4-year vesting schedule.
9% to the Public Sale These tokens go to investors in the XDEFI public sale which took place on 15 November 2021. All of these tokens were immediately available to Public Sale investors following the Dutch Auction.
2% to Advisors These tokens go to individuals that provided critical advice and support early in XDEFI’s development. All of these tokens are subject to a 3-year vesting schedule beginning in April 2022.
Note: Initially we allocated 16% of $XDEFI tokens to a Play to (L)earn initiative that would incentivise users to learn how to use XDEFI Wallet and how to explore DeFi safely. We still intend to pursue this initiative, but we plan to do so at a smaller scale than initially envisioned. Therefore the 16% of tokens reserved for the Play to (L)earn initiative have now been reclassified as part of the ‘Ecosystem Fund’.
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